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About AfFE

The AfFE Team

Sven Wollinger

Cat lover, likes code. Thinks that cats are the true form of life.

Hears cat noises sometimes. Likes to code, or to not understand what his members want.

Loves Unity3d. Otaku.

'Do you really want it to stay like this, Moritz?'

Sven Wollinger ~ 2017

'Just let me really quickly change something in the .css for... Oh a cat!'

Sven Wollinger ~ 2017

Moritz Guggemos

'Together with Sven, i walked around the streets of our hood, Gauting. For a long time, I've had aggressions when I saw Comic Sans used on fliers, worksheets or to represent Business Names. I came to the conclusion that I did not want to be one of the people who argue about things without fighting. During these walks in the evening, the idea for a website, which will help or inspire others became more and more serious. The next day, we bought www.association-for-font-enlightenment.net. Since then, we daily work for a better looking world.'

Moritz Guggemos ~ 2017

Lea Meyer

Lea Meyer is a very helpful person with great language skills.

Was instantly ready to help us out with our project.

And sometimes, when the situation is right, she likes to dance with Sven.

No Sven!

Lea Meyer ~ 2017