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Comic Sans alternatives for businesses

Comic Sans

We hope it does not surprise you that the first font we will talk about here is Comic Sans.

On many occasions, Comic Sans is used even when it affects the company's idea negatively. If it is not needed to act child-friendly, Comic Sans is the worst font you could pick.

Therefore, if it should appear friendly or familiar, there are better fonts you can use.

Berlin Sans FB

Berlin Sans is a font that avoids sharp edges, while still looking clean.

Furthermore it is the perfect font for a text about your business or a headline on a flyer. We guarantee, you will not appear any less friendly, when using Berlin Sans.

Comic Sans for flow text

Comic Sans

All the time we see worksheets or documents, which are written in Comic Sans, even though they include a lot of text.

In those moments any font, like Areal or Times New Roman would be better. If you still want to stand out using fonts, we have a great example you can use.

Here we present you Signika.


Signika is, compared to Times New Roman, a very soft font. It proves that for good readability you do not need sharp edges. Because of that it is perfect for continuous texts.

Even Microsoft tried through Calibri to establish a font with such criteria. Signika gives you a personal touch and does not make you look like you are just using the standard Microsoft Word font.

Comic Sans alternatives for child friendly businesses

Comic Sans

We saw that most of the time when Comic Sans is used, the user tries to appear childlike or playful. We admit that this was the point of Comic Sans when it was made. But since then much has happened in font history. Nowadays, Comic Sans stands for an unprofessional attempt of self-designing.

Segoe Print Bold

Segoe Print Bold looks quite like Comic Sans, but in a better style.

It shows that you are child-friendly and playful, without showing a random mix of linear and round vector graphic design.

It is much more professional in comparison to Comic Sans in any way, by retaining the good sides and leaving the rest .

Jokerman alternatives for mystic occasions


Jokerman is a font which, despite its extreme style, does find some small areas in which it applies.

Obviously this font should not be used for flow texts. Using it to highlight text from worksheets or even public sheets, would be a design supergau.

That being said, if you do not want to design a sheet for a child-care, we recommend the following font.


Here and there you can spot Jokerman in places, in which that what is mystic is wanted to be shown.

As the font's name implies, Jokerman is not the best font to use for that. If you wanna stay close to Jokerman, Griffy is one of many good fonts, which master the mystic touch.