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Welcome to Association-for-Font-Enlightenment.net. Perhaps you have already received an e-mail from us in which we would like to support you absolutely voluntarily with the decision about which font to use for your design.

Our motivation is that we feel very sorry for small companies that use widely-spread fonts that make them seem incredibly dubious.

Cases like this just make us feel sad and because of that we would appreciate being allowed to encourage you with your shop design or the like to make it look more professional.

The offer we make is supposed to be for everyone, which means there won’t be any expenses for you or your company and it will not tie you to any contract whatsoever. Promise!

This task is more like a hobby to our young boundary, making the world in our everyday life look a little bit more aesthetically pleasing. We would enjoy every step needed to be taken to approach this aim bit by bit with the support of you and your company.

Your Association for Font Enlightenment.


Your Informations

If you visited this site to gather information or inspiration for your font design, you are invited to look around in the subcategory 'Fonts to use'

Here we also show ways on how to avoid worst case fonts.

Your personal consultation

If you have already looked around our homepage, or if you would like a more personal consultation, we would be honored to get in contact with you.

For whatever reason, for personal uses or for your bussiness.

Document redesigning

Whether you got an email from us, or if you contacted us: We want to help you. No matter if for private, commercial or educational purpose.

For a fast response, send us a copy or just the plain text you want to have redesigned via Email. Just contact one of our members over under the tab 'Contact'

We take care do the rest.